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HP: Chapter 24 Questions and Observations

Jenna:  Bryce wants Jangles back, but he had the promise with Lucius Clark, the doll mender.

Tyler:  It seems like Edward wants Bryce and Bryce wants Edward.  They just want to be together again.

Krysta:  Lucius Clarke wouldn’t let Bryce have Jangles.

Sam:  Bryce and Edward were sad.

Ava:  I had to leave my old house, so I can understand what Bryce was feeling when he had to leave Jangles.

Isaac:  Bryce is maybe sadder to leave Jangles than ever because Jangles looks so clean and nice now.


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Chapter 22, by Älvboda Friskola.

Edward could walk and he got wings and a new red suit.

He was wrestled down when he was about to fly to Sara Ruth.

We think that everything was Edwards dream since he died.

In the dream he met everyone that he had met and those who helped him.

He met everyone that he had loved.

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News article about Neds bar.

A young boy didn’t pay for the food.
The boy sat down and ordered his food. When the food arrived he saw how much it costed. Then he said that he couldn’t afford it. Then the waitress said that he had to talk to the owner. The owner became upset and said that he wanted his money. The boy had a rabbit made out of china. The boy said that the rabbit could dance. Then the owner was so mad that he hit the rabbit on his desk so it broke completely.
Written by Ida, Hanna and Felix.

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HP: Samantha’s Reading Response Journal Entry for Chapter 22

From Sam’s Journal:

It seems like Jangles is dreaming.  I can tell because he is a stuffed animal and he is walking and has wings.  It seems Bull, Lucy, Nellie Lawrence, Abilene in this chapter don’t want to lose him again but Jangles wants to see Sarah Ruth in heaven.  I think Jangles loves Nellie, Lawrence, Bull, Lucy and Abilene.  I wonder why when Jangles gets lost that someone does something mean to him.  Where’s Pellegrina in this chapter?  Why is Jangles all of a sudden sad in this chapter because he can’t see Sarah Ruth anymore.  Jangles is sad.


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HP’s Letter to Encourage Edward

March 25, 2011

Dear Edward,

Think of happy things.  Maybe Bryce will come back and get you.  I would come get you from the doll shop.  Think of joy.  Hope that another little girl, like Abilene, would come and get you.  I hope Abilene comes and picks you up.


Ms. Zamzow’s 2nd Graders

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Bryces letter to Jangles

Dear Jangles,
How are you feeling after what happened on Neals’bar?
I’m sure it’s nice to have your head fixed!
Do Lucius take good care of you?
You are probably wondering why I took this choice.
Jangles, I made ​​this choice because I do not have enough money to pay the price Lucius asked for.
But if I could get the money I needed to buy you for, I would give them to Lucius.
It’s hard to leave you but as I said, I did it for you and your health’s sake.
I hope you get it good.



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Älvboda summary of chapter 22-24

Edward is dreaming that he meets everyone he has been with. But Sarah Ruth was up in heaven and then he got wings and wanted to fly to her but Bull catched his foot and stopped him and dragged him down. They wanted him to stay on earth. Then he woke up at a doll menders place. Bryce had taken him there because his head was broken. Then Bryce got two conditions – pay or leave him at the dolls store. Bryce left him and when Lucius Clarke had fixed him he put him on a shelf in the store.

Edward drömmer om att han träffar alla som han varit hos.  Men sarah-ruth var uppe i himlen då fick han vingar och han ville flyga upp till sarah-ruth men han blev hindrad bull fick tagi hans fot och drog ner honom de ville att han skulle vara kvar på jorden sen vakna han upp hos en dockreparatör Bryce tog dit honom för att han huvud var krossat sen fick bryce 2 vilkor antingen betala eller lämna honom på dock butiken. Han valde att lämna honom. När Lucius Clark hade lagat honom ställde  han Edward på en hylla i butiken.

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chapter 24

Will Bryce get Edward back?

Why  would Lucius that Bryce should go?

/Vendela,Jennifer,William.H and William.L.

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