HP Student Writes Alternate Ending to the Book

Ava wrote an alternate ending:

Chapter 28

Maggie said, “What Edward?”  He was a China rabbit that looks like that.  “Can we get it?” asked Maggie.  “yes, we can,” said her mother.  “Are you going to pick up your umbrella?” said Lucius Clark.  “Ya,” said Abilene.  the decided to get Edward.  Edward was very happy.  Edward went home with  Maggie and Abilene.  Then Edward woke up.  It was all a dream.  Then Abilene’s dad said we’re going on the Queen Mary.  “Oh no,” said Edward inside his head.  Please don’t make it lke the dream.  Please do not get thrown overboard.  And get rescued by Lawerence.  I’ll give Lolly a piece of my mind if I know what that word means.  Edward didn’t know if it was like the dream or not.  He was confused.  Pelegrina did not come.  There was a China rabbit there, too.  They saw it in the gift shop.  They got it and they named it Fifi.  Edward and Fifi became friends.


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