HP: Chapter 13 Thoughts and Questions

Ms. Zamzow:  Where is Bull’s family?  Why is he a hobo?

Erin:  What will Bull do with Edward?

Tyler:  Does Edward make Bull feel better?

Krysta:  Does Bull have feelings?

Campbell:  How did Bull get lost?  How did he become a hobo?

Preston:  Are the people at the campfire friends of Lucy and Bull?

Ava:  How did Bull get Lucy if he’s a hobo?

Sam:  Why did Bull name Edward Malone?

Ellie:   Where are Bull, Malone, and Lucy?  Canada, USA?

Avrie:  Did Bull’s family pass away?

Krysta:  How did Lucy find Edward at the dump?

Erin:  Will Bull ever find his family?

Preston:  Did Bull ever have a house?


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