Our own alternative chapters

Our chapter

Lolly screamed: What are you doing here!! Nothing okay bye!.
Now I will go home cryied lolly to Edward angrily while sorry. But what is bad about you says edward and gives lolly a bang right on the nose and lolly gets angry and yells okay sorry.
I was mad at you but you’re just stupid to me.
Okay says lolly.
Then they became friends and so ends the story of edward.

By Alfons and Idonio


Our Chapter

When lolly get home she ask them where edward is. He is on the dump says lolly
why is he there? He is there because someone has thrown him. Who has thrown him?
Maybe they were saying lolly with a laugh.
Then the lolly and nelly got mad at each other. You shall not make a fuss it was no real rabbit.
It was just a toy.
I liked it said nelly. But not me it only took space. Now it’s dark and you should go to bed. Then said nelly that lolly could not be there any more. So lolly had to sleep at a friend.
Lolly got herself a house. But Lolly wanted to come home to Nellie and Lawrence. Then Lolly searched for Edward on the dump. She looked and looked and looked but no edward. Someone may have taken that stupid bunny says lolly when she gets home.
Was she not there nelly says:
No, may I still be here? Ok you may well be here and it was only a toy.

By Linnéa and Ida


When Lolly went home

Lolly went home and then asked Lawrence “ where is Susan?”
Hmmm … then Lolly lied and said “ she was kidnapped by a dog!”
Then cried Lawrence “ Nellie Nellie come!” Then Nellie says “ what is it” when she came running. Then says Lawrence “ Susan is kidnapped by a dog!” “ What happened to Lolly” “ yes so here’s what I went off to shop and when I left Susanna on a bench and when I got home I saw a dog that had taken her!” “ Really?” said Nellie . “ Yes it’s true.” Nellie and Lawrence went to the store and they took Lolly with them. Then they saw Edward and the tramp. The end.

By Alva and Maria


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