Summary Chapter 10 by Älvboda Friskola

In this chapter Nellie and Lawrence daughter Lolly came to visit. She talked very loudly and she wore bloodred lipstick.

Lolly wasn’t nice. She was mean against Edward and she disliked him.

Lolly through Edward in the garbagecan and then she lied an said that she was going to do an errand. Then she the the garbagecan outside.

Edwards heart talked with him and said: Nellie Lawrence.


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One response to “Summary Chapter 10 by Älvboda Friskola

  1. Tyler: Your summary is pretty cool!
    Garrett: Awesome summary!
    Ellie: Bloodred is a good way to tell about Lolly’s lipstick.
    Campbell: Lolly is really pretty mean!

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