What makes you happy?

Nathalie: My animals and horse riding.

Felix: Play video-games.

Tova: Go and see my aunt at the hospital and play with my cat.

Alva: Lie on  the beach in summer.

Idonio: Life!

Alfons: My computor, my mobile phone and my synthersizer.

Max: Sleep!

Elin: Meet my cousins.

Viggo: Play music.

Ida and Alma: Play theater with each other.

Emelie: Be with my cousins and my dogs.

Linnéa: Meet my cousins.


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One response to “What makes you happy?

  1. Class: You have many good things to make you happy! We are glad to know that your animals and your cousins make you happy!

    Sam: Awesome comments!
    Campbell: You must really like animals.
    Tyler: You need sleep!
    Avrie: You must llike your cousins.
    Jayden: You must be happy!
    Erin: It is cool to meet your cousins.

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