Chapter 7 Älvboda friskola

It starts when Edward is still on the bottom of the ocean. He thinks a lot and wonder if the witch in the fairy tale was Pellegrina herself. He believe that Abilene will come and ge him back.

He is scared.

One day it started to storm. He floated up to the surface and then went back again.

After a while two fishermen were out in a boat and catched him in their nets. The old man says that he will take Eward to his house and let her wife fix him.

Making connection

Text to self:

Alma: My brother and grandpa got a beaver in their net once.

Nathalie: I have seen a film about a storming ocean.

Alfons: I thought about the film “Titanic”.

Alma, Tova, Felix and Ida: We use to go fishing.

Edward feels luck!


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One response to “Chapter 7 Älvboda friskola

  1. You had many great Text to Self Connections!

    Our Text to Self connections:
    Tyler, Sam, and Owen: My dad and were fishing and caught a big catfish.
    Ava: Once at a cabin, my sister and her friend caught a big snapping turtle in their net.
    Jenna: My dad caught a huge snapping turtle in a net.
    Garrett: When I was fishing, I caught my first fish.

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