Chapter four by Älvboda Friskola


Pellegrina told a Fairytale about a very pretty princess. The princess couldn’t feel any love so she refused to get married and swallowed the ring. Then she ran away. She got lost in the forest and ended up at a witch. She was transformed into a warthog. A maid found the ring inside a shot warthog – then she put the ring on her finger.

Text to Text: 

Nathalie: It’s almost like Hansel and Gretel.

Alma: It’s like the play called “the princess that couldn’t cry”.

Text to self:

Alva: I’ve met the Swedish Princess Victoria.

Felix: I’ve met the King and Queen of Sweden.

Ida: I’ve read Fairytales to my cousin.

Alva and Alma: We read stories to our little brothers.



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