Lucia Celebrations

Greetings from Michael, Maria and your penpals from Sweden. Today we celebrated St Lucia and here you can see some photos from our schools celebrations. Read more about Lucia here:

We hope that you will recieve our Christmas Cards in time for Christmas!!!

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2 responses to “Lucia Celebrations

  1. Hello to our friends in Sweden! Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. We have some questions for you.

    Campbell: Why do you celebrate St. Lucia Day? Lucas: Why does the girl wear five candles on the crown? Sam: Isn’t it kind of dangerous to wear the crown of candles? Preston: Do you eat special food for the holiday? Tyler: What song were you singing and what did the words mean? Jenna: Were you singing the song with the girls in the procession? Owen: Was there a special line up order? Ms. Zamzow: What do the boys do for this holiday?

    Thank you very much!

  2. Thanks for your comment and thanks for the questions. We also like the pictures and the video. It was fun to write the answers.

    Ida:Because they killed the St Lucia so to honour her we celebrate Lucia.
    Josef: She was christian and a king decided that noone could be that -thats why they killed her.

    Alva: She has candles so we will remember that she was burned alive.
    Idonio: While she was burning she was stabbed as well.

    Sophia: Yes it can be dangerous
    Alma: You wear a cloth as protection from dripping wax.

    Viggo: You eat saffron buns and ginger snaps.
    Nathalie: You eat ginger snaps.
    Maria: We eat different saffron buns.
    Alfons: We eat rice pudding and drink a special christmas soda.
    Josef: Oranges and mandarines.
    Alma: You can drink mulled wine (adults).

    Emilie: Lucia song – “Natten går tunga fjät” Here’s a rough translation:
    The night is heavy footsteps around the house and stow.
    Around the earth as the sun pass, the shadows brood.
    Then in our dark house, rising by candlelight
    Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia.
    Idonio: We also sing “Staffan stalledräng”.

    Linnea: No we didn’t sing along.

    Viggo: First Lucia
    Maria: then her maidens (those with one candle)
    Josef: Then the “Starboys”
    Idonio: and last the Gnomes.

    Sophia: The boys can be Gnomes, Starboys or gingerbread men.

    Good bye and have a really great Christmas!!!.
    Michael and the 3:rd graders.

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