Älvboda TV-news: Neal’s diner

A group of girls directed a news video  from the case at Neal’s diner when Bryce ordered lots of food he couldn´t pay for and Neal swinged Edward until his head crashed into the counter.



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2 responses to “Älvboda TV-news: Neal’s diner

  1. Eric said, “It was fun to hear you speak in Swedish!”
    Sean said, “Your video was very good.”
    Lake said, “Nice costumes.”
    Zoe said, “We thought Hanna was a boy, so she did a good job.”
    Calista said, “I like the video.”
    Mason said, “I like your costumes.”
    Brevan asked, “Was all of that at school?”
    Holly asked, “How many people helped?”
    Aidan said, “Your video was fun!”

  2. Very Very good 🙂

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