Earth Hour 2011

If you want to know more about Earth Hour you can read here: or in Swedish.

Me and Michael switched off the lamps and lightened some candles instead. We also took a walk to our city-center.

almost in the dark



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3 responses to “Earth Hour 2011

  1. Hello!
    Eric wonders: Is that a lightbulb in your photo?
    Colby asks: Is it full of small lightbulbs lighting up the giant round thing?
    Zoe questions: Is it a giant lightbulb?
    Cade inquires: Is it a hot air balloon?
    Aidan asks: Is it out every day or only on Earth Hour?
    Calista wonders: Is your town usually that dark, or is it so dark for Earth Hour?
    Aidan asks: Is the lightbulb in the middle of your town?

  2. No, it is a tea-light which I have got from my girls. It stands in my window so it’s not very big. It is in the window towards the yard – the city centre is in the other direction. I saw some windows where they switched off the lights at 8.30 but not so many. My girls live so I can see their windows and the switched off their lights anyway. How many of you switched off your lights at Earth Hour?

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