Bryces letter to Jangles

Dear Jangles,
How are you feeling after what happened on Neals’bar?
I’m sure it’s nice to have your head fixed!
Do Lucius take good care of you?
You are probably wondering why I took this choice.
Jangles, I made ​​this choice because I do not have enough money to pay the price Lucius asked for.
But if I could get the money I needed to buy you for, I would give them to Lucius.
It’s hard to leave you but as I said, I did it for you and your health’s sake.
I hope you get it good.




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One response to “Bryces letter to Jangles

  1. Lake: Very awesome writing in English.
    Sammi: Your Englis is very good when you write.
    Aidan: You did a good job of explaining how Bryce felt about leaving Jangles at Lucius’ shop.

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