Chapter 10B – Älvbodas version of what happened next

Lawrence and Nelly heard the truck turn onto the farm. Lolly jumped out and closed the door to the cab with a bang.
Lolly went into the house and sat down at the table where Lawrence and Nelly sat.
– Where have you been? Asked Nelly.
– It`s none of your business! Lolly said in a loud voice.
– Why did you slammed the car door so hard? Said Lawrence.
– There is something wrong with the car door! Said Lolly.
– I go and get Susanna! Said Lawrence, after a while when they had finished talking.
Meanwhile, Nelly went to the stove and dressed up her apron to start cooking. And Lolly set the table for supper.
– The meal is served says Nelly.
Lawrence comes into the kitchen and says, wasn`t Susanna on the couch?
– Yes! I think so. Said Nelly.
– But where is she? Said Lawrence.
– Have you seen Susan, Lolly? Sa Nelly with her gentle voice.
– Thanks for dinner mom and dad. I go down to the harbor.
Lolly tried to fribble them so theywould not become suspicious.
– What will you do there? Ask Nelly.
– Ooooo, fish. Said Lolly.
– Okay, but did not come home too late. Said Lawrence.
Nelly cleared the table and pulled off the tablecloth.
– But we forgot that Susan has to eat said Nelly
But then Lawrence said that Susan was gone.
Nelly sank into the chair and looked completely broken.
– What is it my little friend?  Lawrence asked.
– Susanna was like a daughter to me. Said Nelly.
– It’s best that we start looking for her. Said Lawrence.
Lawrence and Nelly looked disappointed out of the window.
– That`s right! Lolly of course took the truck because she was going fishing. said Lawrence.
– But we can always take a walk and look for Susan, said Nelly, with a sigh.
They came to the dump and asked the responsible for the dump if he had seen a white rabbit named Susanna.
– There are no rabbits here. Get away from my dump! Said the man.
Just as Lawrence and Nelly had left – the garbage truck rolls in with Edward in it.

/Vendela and Wiktoria


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  1. Calista: Nice observations!
    Eric: Very good writing.
    Travis: Good story.
    Joshua: I like your chapter.

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