Another Month Has Gone By …

As it’s now the beginning of March, so it’s time to reflect on the success of this collaboration.  Maria has been such a patient and kind colleague!  Her work to create this Storyline project is outstanding.  She has been patient and understanding with my technology challenges (and our bad weather).  I am so grateful to be working with and learning from her!

This project is going very well.  My class and I are very much enjoying the Storyline method and process.  It supports our Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop curriculum, and I have found many ways to enmesh our curriculum and this method.  My students are learning so much while enjoying the book and all the “work” we’re doing with the book.  They look forward to hearing the next chapters each week and doing the fun projects.

As for the challenges with the blog, I have persevered!  I am confident and able to post our work quickly and easily.  I have made it over that hurdle.

Having to postpone the students’ day to Skype due to our snowstorm was a big disappointment for my students and me.  I did enjoy very much speaking with each of the children in Sweden; it was a real honor!  I am very impressed with their spoken English and wish our students had the opportunity to learn another language at the elementary level.  We are looking forward to Skyping on March 28.


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