Homeless organizations (ch 13-15)

Bull was a hobo and homeless.

Find a charity organization that support homeless people in your country.

Give an example of what they do for charity.



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8 responses to “Homeless organizations (ch 13-15)

  1. klass4alvboda

    Red Cross
    They give clothes to homeless and poor.

  2. klass4alvboda

    The red cross is a organization for homeless people and they give help to many other also. if anyone die from a kids/people can red cross help you.

    / Jennifer , Ellen and Rasmus.

  3. klass4alvboda

    Röda korset hjälper hemlösa med sjukvård.
    /William.L Hanna

  4. klass4alvboda

    The Salvaitionarmy donate leftover food too the Homless.
    They give the food if the homless want to eat food.
    / Thea, Wiktoria and Anton 🙂

  5. klass4alvboda

    erikshjälpen säljer saker från affärer och de samlar pengar på de sättet men de hjälper mest i andra länder. /filip,kevin

  6. klass4alvboda

    stockholms stadssminision hjälper hemlösa med att få tak under huvudet under nätterna, och ger dom mat.

    / Vendela & Nathalie

  7. klass4alvboda

    hela människan är en organisation som bla tar hand om hemlösa människor och låter de bo på något som heter härberget.
    /Julia, Elias and Emmi

  8. Our school collects stuff for a homeless shelter that is about 7 miles from our school. It’s called Grace Place. We also have a food shelf in Hudson, and we do a Stuff a Truck Program to gather foods for the food shelf.

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