World´s biggest dump (ch.10-12)

Where can you find the biggest dump?

Write something about it?

What do you think about it?



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6 responses to “World´s biggest dump (ch.10-12)

  1. klass4alvboda

    the biggest dump in the world is in
    the pacific ocean. it has stream junk into gigantic dumps in the pacific ocean. Filip says: the dumps was so big
    Ellen says:discusting.

  2. klass4alvboda

    world`s biggest dump can you find in the pacific ocian. 90% of the junk are plastic. we think it`s awful!
    /Julia and Emmi

  3. klass4alvboda

    It is 2 twisters in the Pacific ocean with much plastic.
    /Elias and Hanna

  4. klass4alvboda

    the worlds big dump is pacific.

    /nathalie och kevin

  5. klass4alvboda

    The largest rubbish dump is located in the pacific ocean.
    they are a very big dump.
    We think very disgusting.
    / Vendela and Jennifer.

  6. We watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD about trash. We learned about garbage dumps called landfills. Bill Nye taught us about plastic garbage and about how it will never go away.

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