The cuddle toy slide show

The collection of cuddle toy characters



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7 responses to “The cuddle toy slide show

  1. klass4alvboda

    Filip says: There was no one like Mosso.

  2. klass4alvboda

    Wiktoria says: very nice cuddle toys!
    Albin says: sweet!
    Wendela says: cute cuddle toys everybody!!
    Arvid says: the cuddle toys was nice

  3. klass4alvboda

    Kevin says: Heavy likes fish like Neddy. Baldy likes fish like Neddy. Yoshi are born in north pole like Neddy. Pengwees favourite food is Fish like Neddy.
    Jennifer says: Poodle are 4 years like Anna. Fluffy likes ice cream like Anna.
    Vendela says: Heavy is dreaming of flying like Bolibompa Dragon.
    Kevin, Jennifer and Vendela.

  4. klass4alvboda

    to Aidan and Calista:
    big cuddle toys!/Albin Wiktoria Wendela Arvid 😀

  5. klass4alvboda

    Julia says: Heavy and Kalfon are both nice. Scooby doo, Squeakers, Pengwee and Kalfon are 6 years old.
    Emmi says: Heavy, Colby and my cuddle toys is 5 years old. Sarahs and my cuddle toys like dogs. Holly and my cuddle toy like carrots.
    Hanna says: Fluffy, Squakers and Sötnos are both from China. Ashley and Sötnos can both jump.

  6. klass4alvboda

    Ellen says: It was no one equal as my cuddle-toy Candy.
    Nathalie says: Hippi are one years old as Molly. Fluffy likes friends as Molly, the second Fluffy, (Brevans cuddletoy) likes ice cream as Molly.

  7. klass4alvboda

    Jack says: sammi we both have rabbits.
    Elias says: baldy willow charlie is 5 years old like my.
    William says: Fluffy we both like pizza as favorite food.

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