Hooray for the Green Bay Packers!

Last night, our state’s football team won the Super Bowl, which a big game between the two best team’s in the USA.  Our team is called the Green Bay Packers.  Green Bay is a city in Wisconsin.  It’s about four hours from Hudson.  It’s on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Our whole state is happy about this win, but we do have many people who are fans of other teams, especially the Minnesota Vikings.  We are only a few minutes from Minnesota, a separate state.



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3 responses to “Hooray for the Green Bay Packers!

  1. Congratulations!
    Michael is watching the game right now (he had it record from tonight) – lucky for him that he hasn´t checked our blog today 😉
    Maybe I shall give him a hint of the result – or I better not…. he was so glad to not pick up the result for the whole day.

    • We are curious: does he favor the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburg Steelers? We hope he was happy with the outcome!

      • Michael Haglöf

        I favoured the Green Bay Packers – I like their passing game more then the Steelers running game.
        I used to like Brett Favre quite a lot as well – so congratulations to you all Packers!!!!


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