Queen Mary (ch.4-6)

Search for facts about Queen Mary and write something that you think seems interesting.



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6 responses to “Queen Mary (ch.4-6)

  1. klass4alvboda

    Queen Mary launched 26 September 1934. She went over the Oceania.
    Hanna Emmi Julia!! 🙂

  2. klass4alvboda

    Queen mary launch 26 september 1934 queen mary place in harbor 1967. now it is a hotel./Filip, Kevin and Rasmus.

  3. klass4alvboda

    Queen Mary still exist but like a hotel in Californien./ Wendela,Wiktoria, William.H

  4. klass4alvboda

    Queen Mary is now in use as a floating hotell!
    Nathalie, Jennifer and Vendela! 🙂

  5. klass4alvboda

    Weight is 81235 ton. size is 311m long 36 m width and the speed was 29 knot. the builders are john brown co. clydebank scotland
    /Arvid, Anton, Thea

  6. klass4alvboda

    under worldwar 2 Queen mary was working like a troopship 🙂 🙂 from William,Elias,Albin.

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