Älvboda summary of chapter 2

A dog named Rosie took Edward and chewed and drooled on him. Then  the maid come and vaccum-cleaned him. His pocket watch disappeared into the vaccum-cleaner. Then she put him into the doll´house. Edward got his pocket watch back from Abilenes father afterwards.

In Swedish:

En hund som hette Rosie tog Edward och tuggade och dreglade på honom. Sedan dammsög tjänsteflickan honom. Hans fickur försvann in i dammsugaren. Sedan satte hon in honom i dockskåpet. Edward fick tillbaka sitt fickur av Abilenes pappa efteråt.


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One response to “Älvboda summary of chapter 2

  1. From Ms. Zamzows Class:
    Your retell of chapter two included the important parts:
    Setting: Abilene’s house
    Characters: Edward, Rosie, Maid, Father
    Problem: Rosie chewed up Edward and drooled on him.
    Resolution: Abilene’s father gave the pocketwatch to Edward.

    Josh said, “A good job because you got all the important parts in the chapter!”

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