January 20

At last we have started the work! I am really looking forward to this. It has been exciting to make these video conversations with Julie, and it feels rewarding to discuss the activities.

The first questions went ok – it’s hard to know how much time to spend on everything (as usual). The Wordle-posters look great, and their job with the translation and writing comments worked out very well. The children are just waiting to start reading now – and so am I!




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2 responses to “January 20

  1. This is such a wonderful book for learning about Storyline. I’m grateful for Maria’s patience, skills, and willingness to share her expertise. My students are benefitting a great deal from our connection with Sweden. The work we are doing with the book fits with our Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop curricula.

    Because of this Storyline collaboration, I am joining the 21st century by learning to Skype (great to talk with Maria!), using this blog, and working with a variety of computer software for the first time. It is a challenge for me, but I am enjoying the success!

  2. michaelalvboda

    Storyline as a method really goes well with our new curriculum as well!

    I think your blog will be great.

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