Pippi Longstocking Artwork

Following the Pippi Longstocking play, HP second-graders used watercolors to paint their favorite parts of the book and/or play.  Painting is such fun when you have such a fun subject to paint!



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A Day with Pippi Longstocking in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Today we travelled by school bus to see a wonderful performance of Pippi Longstocking at the Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis.  The characters in Astrid Lindgren’s beloved story came to life before our eyes. The opening music was sung in Swedish, and several of the characters spoke with a Swedish accent.  We will now do some comparing and contrasting between the book and the play.

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Greetings from Sweden

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HP: Character Development

During the first 16 chapters, we noted the character development of Edward.


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HP Tracks the Names for Edward

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HP Student Writes Alternate Ending to the Book

Ava wrote an alternate ending:

Chapter 28

Maggie said, “What Edward?”  He was a China rabbit that looks like that.  “Can we get it?” asked Maggie.  “yes, we can,” said her mother.  “Are you going to pick up your umbrella?” said Lucius Clark.  “Ya,” said Abilene.  the decided to get Edward.  Edward was very happy.  Edward went home with  Maggie and Abilene.  Then Edward woke up.  It was all a dream.  Then Abilene’s dad said we’re going on the Queen Mary.  “Oh no,” said Edward inside his head.  Please don’t make it lke the dream.  Please do not get thrown overboard.  And get rescued by Lawerence.  I’ll give Lolly a piece of my mind if I know what that word means.  Edward didn’t know if it was like the dream or not.  He was confused.  Pelegrina did not come.  There was a China rabbit there, too.  They saw it in the gift shop.  They got it and they named it Fifi.  Edward and Fifi became friends.

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HP Plans a Welcome Home Party for Edward Tulane

Students worked with partners to decide which characters should be invited to Edward’s party.  Using evidence from the book, the second graders explained their thinking about each character.

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HP: Chapters 26 and 27

Aiden:  A 100-year-old doll was mean to Edward.  But she also gave him HOPE that someone would come and get him.

Ava:  Abilene was a grown up and her child, Maggie, found him at the doll mender’s shop.

Preston:  Abilene recoginzed Edward by looking into his eyes.

Ellie:  Edward recognized Abilene when she said, “Edward.”

Isaac:  Edward recognized his pocketwatch, which Abilene was wearing.

Jenna:  Abilene was really happy that Maggie found Edward.

Avrie:  The Coda was kind of like a movie trailer.

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Chapter 25, Älvboda

Alma – Edward was placed beside a doll that wasn’t nice – she teased him.

Ida – The doll told Edward that noone would buy him. He felt good about that. He didn’t an’t to be bought by anyone.

Maria – Edward was placed beside a rowdy doll.

Nathalie – Edward didn’t won’t to hope for someone to buy him.

Felix –  Edward thought he had a rough life since he had been abondoned  so many times.

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HP: Chapter 24 Questions and Observations

Jenna:  Bryce wants Jangles back, but he had the promise with Lucius Clark, the doll mender.

Tyler:  It seems like Edward wants Bryce and Bryce wants Edward.  They just want to be together again.

Krysta:  Lucius Clarke wouldn’t let Bryce have Jangles.

Sam:  Bryce and Edward were sad.

Ava:  I had to leave my old house, so I can understand what Bryce was feeling when he had to leave Jangles.

Isaac:  Bryce is maybe sadder to leave Jangles than ever because Jangles looks so clean and nice now.

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